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Over 50 Years of Tax & Accounting 
In Hillsborough County

We have helped thousands of families and businesses

with their personal and business tax returns,

IRS issues and business accounting services.

You can trust our knowledge and experience to help you navigate the everchanging IRS tax laws and rules.

Our firm offers a broad range of Tax &

Accounting Services for Individuals and Businesses

in all types of industries.

About Us

For over 50 years, Baskin CPA & Tax Accounting Inc. has been serving the communities of Plant City and Hillsborough County with their tax and accounting needs.

With that kind of experience and knowledge in our industry, we offer our Clients a complete range of accounting services from tax preparation to business accounting.

We are committed to giving each Client the attention they deserve, quality work and timely service.

Whether you are a current Client or want to inquire about our services, please contact us with your questions at: 

(813) 752-0253

Baskin CPA & Tax

Individual Tax


At Baskin, we understand your individual tax situation is unique and changes with your lifestyle and the times. As new tax laws and rules are legislated, we have the experience and knowledge to offer expert tax advice and prepare your tax returns.

Our services extend beyond traditional tax preparation of federal and multiple state filings.  Additional services include IRS resolutions, financial and retirement planning...Call us for a free consultation today.


For Individuals we offer: 

  • Tax Return Preparations

  • Back Tax Filing(s)

  • IRS Resolutions

  • Tax Strategy

  • Tax Liens & Abatement

  • Multiple State Filings

  • Retirement Planning

  • Certified Financial Planner on Staff

Business Accounting


As a small business ourselves, we understand the contributions of small businesses and the self-employed to our economy. We have over half a century of experience, knowledge and tax strategy for businesses and the self-employed in many types of industries. Our range of business accounting services are: 

  • Business Yearly, Quarterly Returns

  • Business Formation & Renewals

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Services

  • Multiple State Business Formation

  • Multiple State Business Returns

  • Partnership Returns (K1's)

  • Organizational Returns (990)

  • Tangible Asset Returns

  • Business Reports: Financial Statements, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Income and Cash Flow Statements

  • WC Audit

  • Business Consults & Tax Strategy

Our Clients Speak: 


"Needed by taxes prepared correctly. Done right and fast first time around. Very happy with the professionalism and service" - Susan M 

"We're self-employed and our bookkeeping-Quickbooks was a mess. Baskin Tax helped me straighten out my 2 years of QB mess and got me on the right track. Reasonable fix and now my cash flow is easier to manage. Quick, accurate bookkeeping and payroll services"  - Michael C

"Coming to Baskin for over 11 years. They do my tax and family trusts. Professional, Affordable and Timely Service. Thank you Baskin!" - Linda S.

"Received great money saving tax strategy and assistance with my PPP program application for my business during Covid. Helped me stay afloat during these

 tough times. I can't thank you enough. Highly recommend Baskin CPA." - Larry N.

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